During our many years in business, we have established strong relationships with owners, professional consultants and general contractors. The following is a partial listing of clients.


    - Putnam Lexus/Jaguar Dealershi: Redwood City, CA
    - Aguirre International: San Mateo, CA
    - Trio Hair Salon: Burlingame, CA
    - San Francisco General Hospital
            Telecommunication Facilities
    - KCA Engineers: San Francisco, CA
    - Western Business Park: San Ramon, CA
    - 807 Montgomery Street Law Offices: San Francisco, CA
    - Globe Hotel: San Francisco, CA
    - King George Hotel: San Francisco, CA
    - Peninsula Christian Center: Redwood City, CA


    - Tauscher Residence: Redwood City, CA
    - Schreiner Residence: San Carlos, CA
    - Dr. Dona Abby Residence: Menlo Park, CA
    - Lang Residence: Redwood City, CA
    - Halliday Residence: Atherton, CA
    - Odaffer Residence: Escondido, CA
    - Clifford Residence: Petaluma, CA
    - Foster Residence, Hillsborough, CA
    - McFarland Residence: Hillsborough, CA
    - Day Residence: Hillsborough, CA
    - Halliday Residence: Atherton, CA
    - Powell Residence: Big Island, Hawaii
    - Prescott Residence: San Mateo, CA
    - Scott Anthony Residence: San Francisco, CA
    - Brad Datson Residence: San Francisco, CA

Client References are available upon request.

  Photo Left: Baker Ski Cabin Living Room Located in Alpine Meadows, California

Photo Right: Coleman Residence Dining Room Located in Woodside, California